We are Calexico CSEA, and standing together, we can make a difference for classified employees and the students we serve at CUSD.

Calexico Unified School District

Chapter Meetings

Join us at the monthly Chapter 399 meetings to stay informed on what is going on with your benefits.

CSEA Chapter 399 Newsletter

Check out our school district’s relevant news and announcements designed by our chapter leaders.

Board Meetings

Assist at your monthly school board meetings to learn about the district’s proposal, budget, and goals.

Know Your Rights

As a Calexico CSEA Chapter 399 union member, you have certain workplace rights—but it’s only when we stand together. We have the power to enforce them. This page reviews some of your basic rights that our union has won.

Chapter Leadership

Our members elect coworkers to serve on their behalf as part of the CSEA 399 Bargaining Team. Meet the team you have chosen to protect our rights and working conditions at Calexico Unified School District (CUSD).

Join The Team?

There are many ways you can volunteer and get involved with CSEA 399. Talk to your local representatives to find out what kind of help is needed at the Calexico Unified School District CSEA Chapter 399.


Classification and Compensation Studies

Classification and Compensation Studies: What CSEA Members Need to Know

Ensuring that every CSEA member understands the inner workings of important processes affecting our jobs…

CSEA Negotiations

Contract Negotiations: 2024-25

2024-25 Sunshine Proposal March 21, 2024 Initial Proposal for Contract Reopener The California School Employees…

Personnel Commission Meetings

Personnel Commission Meeting: 2024

March 27, 2024 Personnel Commission Location Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 Time: 3:00 pm Location: Personnel Commission Meeting…

Grievance Process

Grievance Procedure

One of the most useful tools a contract provides you with is the grievance procedure.…

CUSD Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Are you interested in earning an additional 5% on your monthly paycheck? Are you planning…

Parental Leave Benefits

Parental Leave Benefits

Having a child is one of the biggest events to happen in an employee’s life.…

CSEA Important Information

This Section of the page provides some shortcuts to important information you have access to as an employee of the Calexico Unified School district and as a member of Calexico CSEA Chapter 399.