We are Calexico

CSEA 399

Calexico Unified School District CSEA Chapter 399


We are CSEA Chapter 399. Calexico Unified School District Labor Union.

As union members, we understand that you can accomplish more than you could on your own by speaking up together.

We can make a difference for classified employees and the students we serve. As members of CSEA Chapter 399, we use our collective power to uplift our students, schools, and professions.

Unions Begin With You

We make the Calexico Unified School District a quality place to learn and work.

At CSEA Chapter 399, we take a comprehensive approach to tackling the most pressing concerns of classified employees and families. Our focus as a labor union is to join forces to enhance both the work environment for our members and a better educational experience for our community.

Higher Wages

Union employees get $191 per week more than their nonunion counterparts.

Better Benefits

More likely to have employer-provided pensions and health insurance.

Safer Workplace

Safe working conditions that prevent death, illness, and injury at the worksite.

Voice At Work

Better workplaces and working conditions without the fear of retaliation.

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Unions are teams of individuals coming together to guarantee the things you care about like decent wages, affordable health care, job security, safe and respectful workplaces, and fair scheduling.

Union members democratically elect their leaders who are then responsible for advocating for the good of the unit. People joining together in unions: